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Kern County Athletic All-Stars was established in 2004 by Coach Ron Ryan. Originally, it was a family only team, but grew into a neighborhood community. By 2009, the team had already attended several National Championship events.


In 2012, Coach Ryan and his wife, and other coaches and volunteers decided to expand our athletic ministry to the greater Kern County Area. By 2013, the team had 75 members, and won its first district and regional championships. In 2014, our club attended and won the team trophy at AAU West Coast Nationals in Reno.


Coach Ryan believes that the ongoing success of the team has contributed to the mindset being higher than just a track team, but a track family. By our members working hard and selflessly together, we have created an atmosphere that virtually anything is possible, if we stick together.


He also attributes the team's success to the ability of both himself and many other loving members to gain community and business support, thus giving the kids greater potential and opportunity year after year. We are very thankful and blessed by our numerous supporters, which have made our mission and the dream of our kids come true.


After almost 19 years of building, and invaluable experiences, those relationships have resulted in some unforgettable performances and memories. Here are just a few: 1) 2016 National Young Men's cross-country championship, 2) Last year, the girls high school team placed in the AAU cross-country national. 3) The

11-12 years old boys team has placed in the top 3 at Nationals on

3 different occasions. 4) And, our racewalkers have won 12

National Medals. 5) The team overall, has won 412 National Medals.

We are proud to say that with the help of our charitable and generous sponsors we were able to distribute $42,800 in scholarships and were able to take 44 kids to the national cross country championship in Knoxville, Tennessee on December 2022.


Coach Ryan and wife Stacy have been so blessed to see the smiles of so many inspiring and hardworking boys and girls who have had the opportunity through the scholarship fund to attend these National level events that may have not been able to attend without the generosity of our sponsors and volunteers. We hope and pray that this athletic ministry and track family will be able to serve our local community for years to come. Glory to God!

“We make dreams come true through hard work"

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Kern County Athletic All-Stars and Cross Country Elite is primarily to build common human values, and selfless, hardworking mindset - creating an atmosphere of thinking of other first. At our organization we not only only call this team work or spirit, but we call it "Heart"


Scholarship Fund for National Championship Events

In 2007, Coach Ryan discovered through experience, that taking

a family to the national championships could in many cases cause a significant financial burden. Over the years, The average family could spend anywhere from $2000-$3500 for travel to participate in an event like this. So it's not cheap!!


So in reality, Coach Ryan had to not only the challenge to train and develop these youngsters, but also had the responsibility to figure out how to get them and their families to those Junior Olympics. Overtime Coach Ryan would win the trust of over 350 sponsors. These generous sponsors made it possible hardworking boys and girls (even from economically challenged environments) to have the money to travel to the Junior Olympics.


As of 2022, Our team has raised about $1.26 million in Scholarship funds, And with these funds have helped to send

nearly 300 different kids to the Nationals.


Before that our team attended the AAU national cross country championship in December 2021 in Charlotte North Carolina and released about $37,000 in scholarship funds.


This year we are budgeted to take approximately 26-28 athletes to the AAU national championship the first week of December in Knoxville, Tennessee. We hope you will join our track family.


"We make dreams come true through hard work!

We Need Your Support Today!

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